Hear STATIC-X's dark new song with WAYNE STATIC's vocals "Stay Alive" | Revolver

Hear STATIC-X's dark new song with WAYNE STATIC's vocals "Stay Alive"

Some of the last material nu-metal icon recorded before 2014 death

Earlier this year, Static-X announced Project Regeneration: Vol. 2, the sequel to 2020's Vol. 1, which contained the first batch of final recordings by the nu-metal band's late frontman-guitarist, Wayne Static (who died in 2014).

This forthcoming set of new material also features some of Static's final recordings, including the Nine Inch Nails cover the newly-reunited band — featuring three-fourths of the original lineup and new singer Xer0 — dropped back in February. 

Today (September 7th), they've released the second Vol. 2 track, an ominous banger called "Stay Alive" in which Static can be heard screaming the lyrics, "I just need you to survive/Cut you up to stay alive."

Listen while watching its accompanying video above via YouTube, which contains footage of Static that was mined from outtakes of the "Assassins of Youth" music video, initially released in 2011. 

"We knew that if we were going to release this song, we wouldn't be able to tip toe around this tragic subject," Static-X's Tony Campos said in a press release. "The first draft of the video was really hard for all of us to watch, so we ended up removing many of the more graphic scenes.

"As dark as this piece of art may be, it is also a very honest representation of where Wayne was at during this controversial time. My hope is that when people see this, that they understand the cautionary tale that Wayne's life ultimately became and can avoid some of those pitfalls."

Project Regeneration: Vol. 2 is due out November 3rd, and it will contain the last set of unreleased vocals by the deceased nu-metal icon. Pre-orders are available now