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Hear Tech N9ne Join Kid Bookie on New Song "In My Soul"

"CMFT Must Be Stopped" rappers reunite

London-based artist Kid Bookie cut his teeth playing guitar in a local band until his dad introduced him to hip-hop, so it makes sense that his music should embrace both rap and rock. Bookie's forthcoming new album, Cheaper Than Therapy, does just that, boasting a long list of guests ranging from Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Sid Wilson to D.C. rapper Kamiyada. The LP is due out December 1st, but today (November 13th), Bookie has teamed with Revolver to premiere emotive standout single "In My Soul," which boasts a feature by a fellow heavy-rock-loving MC, Tech N9ne. It's not the first time the two have worked together: The duo both appeared on Taylor's July solo single "CMFT Must Be Stopped." Check out "In My Soul" below.

"In my soul is a battle of triumph and failure, the will to keep going when everything or everyone around you wants to keep you down," Bookie tells us. "The courage to muster enough strength to keep going because you understand what your potential is when you truly start to believe what's inside of you when you let go of those fears. And infinite love to Tech N9ne for letting us hear his thoughts, too."

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Cheaper Than Therapy track listing:
1. Introduction Ft. Ziey Kizzy
2. Fur Minxxx
3. Like I
4. Liquor Sex Weed
5. As Long as My Heart Bleeds
6. One More Time (Interlude)
7. In My Soul Ft. Tech N9ne
8. Really Really Like You
9. Chad NoBacks Office (Skit)
10. Lil Nas X
11. Say It With Your Chest Ft. Kamiyada
12. Stuck in My Ways Ft. Corey Taylor
13. U R My Suicide
14. I want to be your friend
15. Shotty Freestyle
16. On My Rock w/ Billy Martin
17. Never Been Afraid to Die
18. Freedom Ft. Òlah Bliss & Sid Wilson
19. Just Breathe
20. Who are you? (Interlude)
21. Chad NoBack (Outro)
22. On My Rock W/ Jon E Clayface