Hear Turnstile Balance Mosh With Melody on New Song "Blackout" | Revolver

Hear Turnstile Balance Mosh With Melody on New Song "Blackout"

Another banger from Baltimore hardcore innovators' third LP 'GLOW ON'

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"Keep it moving" has been Turnstile's motto since their early days, and the Baltimore hardcore crew are still living by it. A couple weeks back, the band revealed that the four songs on their ecstatic June EP, Turnstile Love Connection, are part of their much-anticipated third LP, GLOW ON, which drops next month.

Turnstile already shared another innovative single from the joint called "Alien Love Call" — one of three songs on the record to feature R&B futurist Blood Orange — and now they're back with another, more hardcore-focused banger called "Blackout." 

Like all of the previously-released offerings, this song also sees Turnstile embracing melodies and percussive embellishments from outside of the heavy music universe. However, it also sounds like a classic Turnstile track. There's a big, wiggly riff, frontman Brendan Yates' signature yells and a floor-stomping breakdown that'll surely set mosh pits ablaze later this fall. 

Find something to practice stage-diving off of while you listen above via YouTube. 

GLOW ON is due out August 27th via Roadrunner Records and is available for pre-order on vinyl at Revolver's shop.