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LIMP BIZKIT: See fans provide vocal assist for sick Fred Durst at wild German show

Some fans crushed it, others bombed

Limp Bizkit are currently breaking stuff across Europe, but Fred Durst was unable to give his best last night in Germany due to illness. On April 5th, Bizkit improvised by inviting the tour's opening acts and a bunch of fans onstage to sing with Durst, leading to some seriously cool moments.

Durst got through three songs before he got the help of a hardcore Limp Bizkit fan named Tobit. The fan would go on to play seven songs in a row with his favorite band, absolutely crushing it under enormous pressure. After nailing songs like "My Generation" and "My Way" with some additional crowd members, opening acts Wargasm and BLACKGOLD took turns lending their vocals to tracks like "Full Nelson" and "Take a Look Around."

Not every song went off without a hitch, though. One female fan bombed after she was brought onstage to sing "Nookie," not even getting a few lines into the first verse before she was dismissed by Fred Durst. Thankfully, two other fans stepped up to sing the nü-metal anthem, getting the crowd to bounce like it was 1999.

Another fan got booed to hell after taking to the stage and apparently making a speech about how he spent 60 euros on a concert ticket to barely hear Durst sing. When given the opportunity to rock the mic for "Rollin'," he stunk the place up, but Durst remained diplomatic and kept the good times rollin', eventually capping off the night with Wargasm and BLACKGOLD taking on "Break Stuff."

Check out footage from the concert in the videos above and below.