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Read Lyrics to Slipknot's "Heirloom": Most Disturbing Song on New Album

'THE END, SO FAR' standout is written from the POV of a domestic abuse victim
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Slipknot's new, seventh studio album, THE END, SO FAR, is finally here. Produced by Joe Barresi (TOOL, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins), the Iowa Nine's latest opus is notably their last for their longtime label home Roadrunner, and their first with percussionist Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff, who joined their ranks in 2019.

Musically, it's a diverse affair of brutal skull-crushers ("The Dying Song," "H377") and more left-field experiments ("Adderal," "Acidic"), and lyrically, there's a consistent throughline of meta-commentary on Slipknot's own career, their place in heavy music, and why they continue doing what they do. As far as 'Knot records go, it's not their darkest or most violent narrative collection, but it does feature a track called "Heirloom" that's positively stomach-churning.

As Corey Taylor told Metal Hammer (as transcribed by a Genius user), the song is written from the point-of-view of a domestic abuse victim, with lines like, "when the beating hearts make the beating start," and, "staring daggers, pressing kisses, hiding bruises/when exactly does this feel like love?," that paint a vivid portrait of a person trapped in a violent relationship.

"This is from the standpoint of a survivor of domestic abuse, whether it's someone younger or in a relationship," Taylor said. "It's about getting through those situations, and wondering if any of that has stuck to them. What are they going to pass on in their life."

Read the full lyrics below via Genius.