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See Brass Against's Soulful Horns-Heavy Cover of Tool's "Forty Six & 2"

Sophia Urista's vocal performance is chill-inducing

New York City-based musical collective Brass Against are no strangers to tackling the polyrhythmic challenges found in Tool songs, and once more they've nailed it with a faithful and stunning cover of Ænima standout "Forty Six & 2." 

With singer Sophia Urista joining the horns ensemble, the song takes on a different emotional timbre thanks to her incredibly limber vocal capabilities. While Maynard James Keenan's original performance is in a category of its own as far as metal singing is concerned, Urista's feminine touch is evocative and stirring, a sublime foil to the harshness of the instrumentation around her. 

Equally as captivating is the intense focus of the seven other musicians in the room, all working together in seamless dark harmony to capture each minute intricacy of the composition. Drummer Nathan Ellman-Bell's knack for casually and smoothly nailing Danny Carey's parts is especially impressive. 

As always with Brass Against, the song was arranged by Andrew Gutauskas and led by the mastermind of the project Brad Hammonds. Seemingly big fans of Tool, the group have also taken on "Ænema," "Parabol/Parabola," and "Lateralus," in addition songs by Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Deftones and Black Sabbath. You can keep up with the act via YouTube, and catch Brass Against live as they hit different spots around the world starting in February 2020 — find dates are here