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See GWAR's totally insane NPR 'Tiny Desk' performance

"They said it couldn't be done!"

"GWAR at NPR! They said it couldn't be done." Those are the words front-creature Blöthar the Berserker uttered before GWAR took over NPR's esteemed "Tiny Desk" series for an off-the-wall performance — in full costume, with all their vulgar eccentricities on full display. 

The extraterrestrial shock-metal punks appeared on today's (July 17th) edition of NPR's beloved series of intimate performances, in which bands take over the news publication's office and play a short set for the staff. 

While metal and hardcore bands like Thou and Turnstile have done "Tiny Desk" sessions in the past, usually, it's reserved for indie bands, folk singers and even Taylor Swift — not sex-crazed battle-beasts ripping loud-ass metal bangers like GWAR. 

Therefore, seeing the band up there doing their thing while NPR employees politely laugh is an absolute treat. Watch them play "Sex Cow," "I'll Be Your Monster," "Ratcatcher" and "Phantom Limb" above via YouTube.