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See Lamb of God Revisit Punk Roots With Biting Cover of Accüsed's "Inherit the Earth"

Band announces 'Legion: XX' covers album under original name Burn the Priest

In the summer of 1995, four college students began stirring up metallic hardcore chaos in Richmond, Virginia, with the help of Randy Blythe, a local punk singer. Known by the imposing moniker Burn the Priest, this five-piece were a frequent sight at area basement shows and warehouse parties — so much so that they became the city's de facto metal ambassadors in a matter of years. With a crossover looming and a controversial name threatening to distract from their music (which turned out not to be all that Satanic at all), Burn the Priest opted to change their name after releasing 1998's eponymous debut. From then on, they were known as Lamb of God — and the rest, of course, is history.

With the 20th anniversary of their former incarnation's one and only full-length quickly approaching, Lamb of God have rechristened themselves Burn the Priest for a special release: Legion: XX, a new covers album featuring their takes on songs by the Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Ministry, Big Black and others. It's out May 18th via Epic. To accompany the big announcement, they've revealed their cover of the Accüsed's "Inherit the Earth," one of 10 cuts featured on the release.

"I've been an Accüsed fan since I was 14 when they were on the Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 3 compilation with C.O.C. and all these amazing crossover bands," frontman Randy Blythe says of the song. "Our drummer Chris [Adler] is a complete metalhead, and he happened to come upon this record many years later, and I'm like, 'Dude, I've been into this since high school!' Their singer Blaine Cook was a huge influence on me, vocally."

"'Inherit The Earth' hit me in the face soon after I managed to get my grubby mitts on the album sometime around '88," Adler adds. "I got the Accüsed record at a 'Yellow Banana' record store on Route 1 south of D.C. while in route back from my 'counselor' to my home in Woodbridge, Virginia. I got home and grabbed my board and I rocked it on my Discman. At about 2:12 into the tune the clouds parted above me and on a loudspeaker God bellowed down to me, 'YOUR PURPOSE.' That was the moment I knew that if I tried hard enough I could convey myself and how I felt — with music. It will never be 'ours,' and we know that about all the tunes we've covered, but hopefully one of them hit you in the face as I had been, and God will part the clouds for you, too."

You can pre-order Legion: XX here, and scroll down to view the album artwork and track listing. Lamb of God are set to join Slayer on the thrash legends' farewell tour later this spring. The trek, which kicks off May 10th in San Diego, California, also includes some festival appearances, plus standalone dates alongside black metal icons Behemoth; check here for the full itinerary.


Burn the Priest (Lamb of God) - Legion: XX track listing:
01. "Inherit The Earth" (originally performed by the Accüsed)
02. "Honey Bucket" (originally performed by Melvins)
03. "Kerosene" (originally performed by Big Black)
04. "Kill Yourself" (originally performed by S.O.D.)
05. "I Against I" (originally performed by Bad Brains)
06. "Axis Rot" (originally performed by Sliang Laos)
07. "Jesus Built My Hotrod" (originally performed by Ministry)
08. "One Voice (originally performed by Agnostic Front)"
09. "Dine Alone" (originally performed by Quicksand)
10. "We Gotta Know" (originally performed by Cro-Mags)