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LAMB OF GOD guitarist MARK MORTON announces new memoir 'Desolation'

Chronicling the trials and tribulations of a groove-metal titan
mark morton SHINN 2020, Travis Shinn
photograph by Travis Shinn

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has announced a brand new book called Desolation: A Heavy Metal Memoir.

The Virginian groove-metal titan has been the lead guitarist and lyricist of Lamb of God for over two decades, and through that he's achieved countless heavy-metal feats.

However, this memoir will shed a great deal of light on Morton's personal life, from his battles with addiction to overcoming immense tragedy. 

Check out the official synopsis below: 

"Desolation is about Mark's journey as a musician navigating self-doubt, anxiety and the progressive disease of addiction, and he shares how the pressures of success and personal struggles came into conflict with his dedication to the creative process.

"Mark also writes about his battle with drugs and alcohol, his path to recovery, and lets us into the greatest personal tragedy of his life: the death of his newborn daughter.

"Ultimately, Mark finds relative serenity and a greater sense of purpose through interactions with his fans who remind him that his work reaches people on a deeply personal level."

Desolation is due out June 25th via Hachette Books, and you can pre-order it here