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See SLAYER crush "Seasons in the Abyss," "Raining Blood" on 'Jon Stewart' in 1995

"Oh, this is gonna be nice"

On February 16th, 1995, Slayer were just a few months out from releasing their polarizing sixth album — and first without founding drummer Dave Lombardo — Divine Intervention.

The type of thrash-metal they pioneered in the Eighties was about to be yesterday's news as nu-metal entered the fore, but Slayer used their appearance on The Jon Stewart Show to blast through a couple classics and reinforce their dominance over all that is heavy.

Instead of promoting Divine Intervention songs, they ripped through 1990's iconic "Seasons in the Abyss" and then closed out the night with motherfucking "Raining Blood" while the credits rolled over the screen. 

Again, even though there were myriad other heavy styles ruling the underground by 1995, the unholy howling from the crowd when Stewart introduced Slayer is proof of just how loyally amped their fanbase was at that time. 

Even Stewart himself seemed genuinely excited to have the guys tearing up his stage. "Oh, this is gonna be nice," he chirped before the "Raining Blood" guitar lick ripped in and the audience lost their shit. Naturally, the band were tight as hell.

Watch above via YouTube and wish you could've been there.