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See Slipknot's Jay Weinberg Recall Insane Audition for Band

New doc tells story of how Max Weinberg's son came to join the 'Knot

Jay Weinberg has been the drummer for Slipknot since 2014, but in a new short documentary about his involvement with the group, he admits the reality of the situation is "still totally insane" to him. 

"14 years old, haven't picked up a drumstick in my life before. 23 years old, gets asked to play with his favorite band," is how the percussionist describes the process of coming on board with the Iowa nine in the doc, produced by SJC Custom Drums and shit amid the .5: The Gray Chapter cycle. He goes into a bit of detail on how his parents, including his father, Bruce Springsteen's drummer Max Weinberg, instilled a love and respect of music into him and his sister, and a brief clip of the elder Weinberg reveals the secret to playing drums as hitting them "like they owe you money." 

Recalling the time his father took him to a Slipknot show way back in 2001, Jay says he knew then that heavy metal would define his life as a fan and a musician. The young drummer went backstage and met the band members, kicking off a friendship that would eventually lead to his enlistment in the group.

Years later, a call from his manager left Jay confused, as he was told to come to Los Angeles and trust that the opportunity would be worth his while. He was taken into a room with a drum set and only then told that the 'Knot would be joining him in 20 minutes, to which he said, "Yeah, that's cool," and proceeded to play through approximately 20 songs going on muscle memory alone from when he would jam those tracks as a fledgling teenage drummer. After the audition, the guys told Jay, "Alright man, if you want this, it's yours," and the rest is history.