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SLEEP TOKEN wipe Instagram: "Nothing lasts forever"

Masked titans are up to something
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photograph by Priscilla Rodriguez

Sleep Token are up to something.

In 2023, the masked anonymous U.K. band achieved stratospheric levels of success behind their breakthrough LP, Take Me Back to Eden, which we — and our readers — dubbed the best album of the year.

In December, Vessel and Co. capped their blowout year with a sold-out arena show in London, and they already have a bunch of previously-announced gigs on the docket for 2024.

However, sometime earlier today (January 16th), Sleep Token mysteriously deleted all the posts from their Instagram profile and put the cryptic phrase "Nothing lasts forever" in their bio.

Fan theories are already starting to circulate about what this could mean. Of course, there's the heart-wrenching possibility that Sleep Token are unexpectedly breaking up at the height of their fame. Because, indeed, nothing does last forever.

However, the more likely hypothesis is that Sleep Token are cheekily getting ready to roll out a new era of the band.

Vessel's instrumental bandmates — known by their pseudonyms II, III and IV — already unveiled wild new masks for their Wembley Arena show, and since Take Me Back to Eden concluded a trilogy of albums that began with 2019's Sundowning, it's likely that the band are preparing to transform in some way going into this next phase of their career.

Despite the mysterious Instagram fuckery, Sleep Token's official website still lists their Australian tour dates they have on the schedule for this coming April, as well as their May U.S. shows in Colorado, NYC and at Sonic Temple Fest.

Even so, Sleep Token are certainly throwing their fans for a loop at this moment, and we'll just have to wait and see what this social media stunt leads to. Check out a screenshot of their current Instagram page below.

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