Slipknot: See 7-Year-Old Crush "Sulfur" Drum Cover on 'Ellen' | Revolver

Slipknot: See 7-Year-Old Crush "Sulfur" Drum Cover on 'Ellen'

Jay Weinberg: "You've made all your brothers in Slipknot proud"

Slipknot's music — particularly the percussive aspects — are so complex and full of nuance that it could take even a professional session music an immense amount of focus and precision to play right. Caleb, a fledgling drummer who recently appeared on Ellen, is already a 'Knot master at the age of seven. The young percussionist recently appeared on the nationally televised variety show to bang out a sterling drum cover of Slipknot's "Sulfur," a standout form their 2008 album, All Hope is Gone. Clad in an adorable leather jacket, Vans and a spiky mohawk, Caleb already has the look and the talent to be a metal star — as well as the tools, having received a Jay Weinberg signature snare on-air as a token of the band's admiration for his skills.

"Caleb!! Once again, you've made all your big brothers in Slipknot proud," 'Weinberg wrote on Instagram. "What a way to own the moment, and deliver a fantastic performance. So stoked to see you rip it up on The Ellen Show and that you're heading home with a new snare. Play it hard and often, my friend — I know you will!"

Watch the wholesome video above via YouTube and check out Weinberg's Instagram post below.