SPIRITBOX and former BRING ME THE HORIZON member Jordan Fish are in the studio | Revolver

SPIRITBOX and former BRING ME THE HORIZON member Jordan Fish are in the studio

Fish departed BMTH late last year
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Spiritbox are in the studio right now with former Bring Me the Horizon keyboardist-songwriter-producer Jordan Fish.

This is big news for several reasons. First, it's awesome to see that Spiritbox are actually in the process of recording new music, which singer Courtney LaPlante teased in an interview with Revolver in December 2023.

At the time, LaPlante characterized the new material as still being in the writing stage, but in an Instagram story guitarist Mike Stringer posted yesterday (January 16th), it was made clear that they're actually in the booth right now with Fish behind the boards.

As exciting as it is that Spiritbox are working on new music, it's equally thrilling to know that the Canadian alt-metal crew have brought Fish into the fold. The musician suddenly split with Bring Me the Horizon late last year after more than a decade with the U.K. metalcore futurists, so this shows fans what he's been up to in the past few weeks.

Fish was heavily responsible for BMTH's drastic sonic overhaul on their landmark 2013 album, Sempiternal, and his electro-rock skill set was crucial to the band's musical development throughout the rest of the decade, up through their eclectic 2020 EP, POST HUMAN: Survival Mode.

Spiritbox themselves have forged a sleek, modern take on melodic metalcore, so their current partnership with Fish feels like an ideal pairing in many ways.

So far we only have this one Instagram story to go off of, so it's still unclear to what extent Fish is involved in Spiritbox's new music. It could just be a one-off collaboration, or maybe he's been hired to produce the whole thing.

We'll surely know more soon enough. For now, we'll continue daydreaming about what new Spiritbox music produced by Fish might sound like.

Check out a screenshot of the Instagram story below.

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