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Hear Stabbing Westward Cover the Cure's "Burn" From 'The Crow' Soundtrack

Cold Waves 2020 compilation kicks off with a bang

The Crow soundtrack, featuring Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and more, is one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time, hands down, and one of its greatest cuts is its opener, "Burn," by the Cure. That Nineties goth-rock classic has gotten an industrial makeover care of Stabbing Westward, who reunited recently after disbanding two decades ago. Today (September 17th), they've teamed with Revolver to premiere the reverent cover, the kickoff track on the latest compilation album from long-running industrial festival Cold Waves. Check it out — and read Stabbing Westward singer Christopher Hall's thoughts on the cover — below.

The new Cold Waves comp arrives ahead of the festival's imminent free virtual event, which is set for the weekend of September 18-20 in lieu of the in-person event that had to be rescheduled to 2021. The virtual festival, which will be livestreamed via Twitch, will feature live performances from Meat Beat Manifesto, DHS, Ash Code and Cyanotic; rarities and commentaries from Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Chemlab and members of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and the Revolting Cocks; a documentary screening; DJ sets; auctions; and even bedtime stories from Pigface's Martin Atkins. Proceeds from the compilation album (which you can pick up via Bandcamp) plus auction items and rare band merchandise will be donated to the staff of Metro (the venue where the fest usually takes place) and Darkest Before Dawn, a not-for-profit organization that provides resources and support for the nightlife community.

"When Cold Waves asked us to contribute to their annual compilation album, I knew we had to help," Stabbing Westward singer Christopher Hall tells us. "Cold Waves lit the spark that got Stabbing Westward back together after 20 years apart. We have been deep into recording our new album, but it's not really ready yet to share. I was thinking about one day when 'Burn' came on my Spotify playlist. I hadn't heard the song in ages, but I immediately thought this would make a great Stabbing Westward cover. It has all the qualities we love in a song and it lends itself well to our style of production. It was truly just a random thought. I mentioned it in passing to Walter [Flakus, keyboards] and Carlton [Bost, bass], and they both had great reactions to the idea. Once I started working on the track it came together really naturally. It's such a well-written song with amazing lyrics and simple but powerful music. The goal was to make it our own but still pay homage to the original. I was really nervous about covering a Cure song since they have always been one of my favorite bands. I hope we were able to bring a new perspective to the song."


Cold Waves 2020 compilation track listing:
02. MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO Distorted Information *
03. MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT Forbidden Saints (Cyanotic Remix) *
04. THE YOUNG GODS Tear Up the Red Sky (Crackmix) *
05. TEST DEPT. GBH84 (Shvlvk remix feat Kimberly Jones) *
06. GODFLESH New Dark Ages (Dissolve Mix) *
07. FEE LION Blood Sisters
07. CHEMLAB Exile on Mainline (Demo)
09. CYANOTIC w/ SLIGHTER Turmoil 2020 *
10. ASH CODE 1981 (Klack Remix) *
11. ASSEMBLAGE 23 Welcome, Apocalypse (DJ MUtilato Remix) *
12. CUBANATE Vortex (Empirion Remix) *
13. CAUSTIC Insomniac (Short Version) *
14. BILE Children of the Gun
15. SEVERED HEADS Gig Fun (Live) *
16. ACUCRACK vs. PIG Dream a Little Dream (w/ Kristan M) *
17. CHRIS CONNELLY  Montague Terrace *

* Denotes current exclusive track