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TOOL: Bill Burr Says Meshuggah "Blew Danny Carey's Mind"

Comedian recalls witnessing TOOL drummer geek out at show for Swedish djent lords

TOOL drummer Danny Carey is generally regarded as one of the greatest percussionists in metal history, which naturally makes him a tough guy to impress behind the kit. However, comedian Bill Burr — a lifelong metalhead and drummer himself — remembers being at a Meshuggah show with Carey and witnessing the Swedish extreme-metal band blow the TOOL drummer's mind in real time. 

On a recent segment of Howie Mandel Does Stuff, Burr was talking about a video he posted where he was mouthing along to the Meshuggah song "Bleed," and he was explaining to Mandel and his co-host what makes the djent pioneers such a revelatory band.

Eventually, he got to talking about a Meshuggah gig he went to where they were doing their thing, and they pulled off an insane musical feat onstage where they were mixing time signatures and it seemed like everything was going to fall apart, but then they stuck the landing perfectly. Burr said that when that moment happened, he looked over at Carey ("this giant guy") and saw him tilt back his head, grin and yell, "Fuuuck" — an expression of pure admiration.

"I was just like, wow, they just blew Danny Carey's mind," Burr enthused. "That is so cool that I just saw that."

Watch the interview segment above via YouTube.