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TOOL's JUSTIN CHANCELLOR: "We've got many ideas cooking" for new music

Bassist says they're hoping to record some next year
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Justin Chancellor
photograph by Travis Shinn

It seems like TOOL might be recording some new music next year. According to bassist Justin Chancellor, the alt-metal auteurs have a bunch of new song ideas in the tank, and are planning to enter the studio after their current tour plans wrap up in spring 2024 to record some of them. 

"We've got many ideas cooking. We haven't recorded anything yet," Chancellor said during a recent interview with the The Vinyl Guide. 

"But we're quite busy until — I guess until after the spring of next year touring. So once that's done, we're gonna get back in the studio and knuckle down and put some of it together.

"We've already had a few pretty decent sessions of writing. So we've got the ingredients in place. We've just gotta really bang it out and spend that time when we're not touring."

This isn't the first whisper we've heard of new TOOL music. Last year, drummer Danny Carey revealed that the band already "have head starts on three or four new songs" for their next record, which will follow-up 2019's Fear Inoculum — an album that notoriously took 13 years to arrive after 2006's 10,000 Days.

During Chancellor's conversation with the The Vinyl Guide, the bassist added that TOOL left a bunch of ideas on the cutting room floor during the Fear Inoculum sessions, and they might end up making it onto whatever the band does next. 

"Yeah, tons from the last album," he said. "We have tons of ideas, but not recorded to the standard we'd put on an album. Just kind of, I'd say, lots of demoed stuff. And then just tons of ideas just kind of stored away."

Listen to Chancellor's interview below.