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YEAR OF THE KNIFE share update on horrific van crash

Vocalist Madi Watkins will be in hospital "for a long time"
year of the knife van crash

Last week (June 28th), popular hardcore band Year of the Knife were involved in a "REALLY bad" car accident that left vocalist Madi Watkins in critical condition, with the other three members of the Delaware unit sustaining various broken bones and physical trauma. 

Since then, a few friends of the band launched a Gofundme campaign to raise funds for the band's medical bills, lodging and to replace the van that was wrecked beyond belief in the accident. After the campaign surpassed the $100,000 goal within a day or so, they raised the goal to $200,000, and it sounds like the band will need it. 

In a new update from bassist Brandon Watkins' dad shared on the Gofundme page, the family shared terrifying photos of the wreckage and opened up about the emotional visit to the towing yard where they retrieved the band's belongings. "It was three grown men crying and totally stunned that anyone could have survived such a crash," Watkins' dad wrote. 

Later in the post, Watkins' father provided updates on the physical injuries of all the band members. Drummer Andrew Kisielewski has two broken ankles and is back home in Delaware recovering, while his twin brother, guitarist Aaron Kisielewski, suffered a broken femur and a lacerated carotid right artery, which he's still in the hospital recovering from. 

Brandon was concussed and received multiple contusions, and has been released from the hospital for several days. But frontperson Madi is facing many surgeries ahead of her, and was in a medically-induced coma as recently as July 3rd. "We simply don't know what her outcome is going to be," Brandon's father wrote. "She will be staying out here for a long time."

See the full update below via Watkins' father's Facebook, and kick in some money to the Gofundme if you can. 

Thur July 6-Yesterday was an emotional day here in Salt Lake City,UT. Brandon, David Kisielewski (Aaron and Andy’s...

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