Lamb of God's Gnarly Origins: Randy Blythe Looks Back on Burn the Priest Days

In the summer of 1995, four college students began stirring up metallic hardcore chaos in Richmond, Virginia, with the help of Randy Blythe, a local punk singer. Known by the imposing moniker Burn the Priest, this five-piece were a frequent sight at area basement shows and warehouse parties — so much so that they became the city's de facto metal ambassadors in a matter of years. With a crossover looming and a controversial name threatening to distract from their music (which turned out not to be all that Satanic at all), Burn the Priest opted to change their name after releasing 1998's eponymous debut. From then on, they were known as Lamb of God — and the rest, of course, is history. In our new doc, Blythe looks back on those gnarly pre-LOG days.