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'Bill & Ted 3': William Sadler to Reprise Hilarious Role as Death

Plus, George Carlin's absence to be addressed in upcoming third film in series
William Sadler as Death in 'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'

Fresh off the confirmation of the film's release date of August 21st, 2020 last week, the official Bill & Ted Face the Music Twitter account has confirmed that actor William Sadler will reprise his hilariously sardonic role as Death in the upcoming movie.

The grim character first appeared in 1991's Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, challenging the goofball lead duo to several board games in exchange for their souls and anchoring the loosely plotted spoof of the iconic scene in Ingmar Bergman's classic film The Seventh Seal. His deadpan portrayal remains a fan-favorite in the film series. 

In addition to the exciting development, the Twitter account's manager also commented on George Carlin's notable absence (the comedian died in 2008) when questioned by a fan on the social media platform: "He's so deeply missed by all who worked with him on the previous two films. His character will not be recast, but his absence will be a part of the whole third movie — including what is possibly the most emotional scene of the film." Carlin played Rufus, the man from the future whose time-travel machine transports Bill and Ted to different eras throughout history.