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See Black-Metal Band Numenorean's Surreal, Haunting Meditation on Addiction

Canadian crew confronts demons with spoken word piece and grueling visual

Canadian black-metal battalion Numenorean have released a fascinating new audiovisual creation ahead of their upcoming LP Adore, due via Season of Mist on April 12th (you can preorder it here). "Whiskey Rain" is a somber spoken word piece that speaks to the harsh experience of alcoholism and the choices that face everyone who struggles with the disease; it comes paired with a vivid, grotesque and abstract video portraying the anguish of that battle. Guitarist Roger LeBlanc elaborated further:

"Confrontation. Liberation.

The one aspect that I cherish more than any other being a part of this band is the ability to suffer together: the idea that we are working in the same emotional landscape, but with the freedom to explore our material individually. Creating music in Numenorean is like having a conversation with your friends but without words. The power of intimacy through creativity and the healing power that it in turn grants.

"For me, Adore was about realizing my issues with addiction. Perhaps not directly in the moment, but looking back at everything flowing out of me, it was a definite cry for help from within me. This piece of spoken word represents that moment in my life when I knew I had to choose between what was really important to me in this life. The answer is easy. 

"Now, after eight months clean, I feel I've reached that moment that every person who creates and suffers from addiction comes face to face with. Who am I without these substances? Am I still able to create without being intoxicated? Will I lose all my creativity in exchange for personal health and clarity? I don't think I'll ever know the answer to any of these, but Adore, as a whole, for me at least, will always embody that battle I had and will continue to face. One lyric from this album that will always stand out as a through line for me is in the title track ...

'You can't destroy me."