KING DIAMOND looks back on favorite 'METALOCALYPSE' voice acting role | Revolver

KING DIAMOND looks back on favorite 'METALOCALYPSE' voice acting role

Heavy-metal icon has voiced 5 characters in TV series and new movie
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Danish heavy-metal icon King Diamond voiced various characters across four episodes in Metalocalypse Season 1, and also returns in the new film Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar.

"The series is really cool, because it hits so many typical points that take place when you [are into] heavy metal. There's so many things that it makes fun of in a very cool way. And I just [rewatched] those episodes that I did in 2006. And they were so relevant, still today," he tells Revolver.

His favorite role? That would be voicing the Blues Devil in Season 1, Episode 14: "Bluesklok."

"Dethklok meet the Blues Devil. They are supposed to sell their souls and write a contract. It ends up that they finally change the contract and the Devil will pretty much give them part of his soul, instead. So, it's just showing that everything is contracts.

"You have to sign these things all the time, no matter what you do within the music business. There's always contracts. It just hits home."

Speaking of home, the Diamond household also boasts another singer, voice actor and Metalocalypse fan: the King's wife, Livia Zita.

"I love how incredibly huge Dethklok is in that world, yet they're just as idiotic and hapless as any one of us," says Zita, who has performed in Diamond's live backing bands and received the 2022 Society of Voice Arts and Sciences Award for voice acting .

"The entire series is an animated and slightly more brutal version of the movie Spinal Tap. And if you're in the music business, you can almost extra-appreciate the things they have to deal with and just how crazy it can get. Every episode has something that makes you go, 'Oh my God. Yeah, yeah, that's right.'"

Zita's guest vocal spot in Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar was a dream come true for the singer. "It's a short little scene, but incredibly theatrical," she says, tight-lipped on the exact details as to not spoil the fun for viewers.

"I was so psyched, because when I got the script I was in the same scene as Mark Hamill, and I was absolutely fangirling over that fact."

Diamond also embraces theatricality in his portrayal of an evil priest in the new film. "They said, 'Just get a normal voice.' So I did a normal voice, but I had something underneath it [affects a sinister, raspy tone] that just made it special.

"Then at the end while we were recording, I do one of these laughs — one of these evil, King Diamond-style laughs. [I thought,] But of course I can't do that here! But we sent them the whole thing — so [the editors] could just cut it off. But they actually edited around it and kept it! So, I was like, OK, that's going to be interesting..."

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