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Watch Thrilling New "The King's Man" Trailer Featuring Remixed Black Sabbath Song

1970 anthem "War Pigs" gets modern twist complete with grandiose symphonic arrangement

In a trailer for the upcoming action-packed film The King's Man, Black Sabbath's 1970 anti-war protest anthem "War Pigs" gets a fresh facelift with the addition of rich symphonic accompaniment,including that main heavy-as-fuck riff played out cinematically on a piano. 

The film will star big names such as Ralph Fiennes, Stanley Tucci, and Djimon Hounsou in an adventure that sees a man battle against a historical cast of "history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds" as they try to plot a war that will end the lives of millions. Opulent backdrops beautifully frame the main characters as they move throughout the montage of scenes in the trailer, all perfectly tracked by Ozzy Osbourne's unforgettable vocals, written to shed light on the dire and corrupt situation in Vietnam with shady business practices and disinformation being spread to Americans. 

While all that sounds very serious, the trailer shows the film is still part comedy, part secret agent thriller. The King's Man exists as a prequel to the British-American Kingsman franchise, a pair of films titled Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle that center around the goings-on of a fictional secret service organization based on a comic books series of the same name. Two more tentative films are scheduled to follow in the series, but no release dates have been set. 

The King's Man is scheduled to hit theaters February 14, 2020.