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Hear Bill Burr Rave About Iron Maiden: "They Absolutely F**king Blew Me Away"

Comedian reveals Bruce Dickinson quote that became a Burr family catchphrase
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The Monday Morning Podcast, the premiere destination to listen to comedian Bill Burr rant and ramble about whatever is on his mind for hours at a time, came back with another banger this week, as the opinionated Bostonian  and noted metalhead espoused his love for Iron Maiden. As it turns out, Burr — an amateur drummer who has previously raved about Meshuggah, dressed up as Pantera's Vinnie Paul, and interviewed Ministry's Al Jourgensen —  hit up the recent Los Angeles Maiden show and had his mind blown.

"I don't think the band has ever sounded better," he enthused, as reported by Metal Injection. "They absolutely fucking blew me away. Bruce Dickinson's voice was incredible."

"You should see the guy's drum kit," he continued of Nicko McBrain's setup. "His drum kits are works of art. It looks like it's made out of stained glass when it's underneath the lights … Each one of his toms, [the artist] did a different motif of all the different Eddies throughout the years, all the different album covers," said Burr. "Despite all the albums that they have, [Nicko] seems to have just as many toms going around his kit. I can not say enough about how great the band sounded."

Burr continued, "Nicko McBrain was the reason I started playing drums. I watched that Live After Death VHS tape a million times … I watched Live After Death for so fucking long that it became a catchphrase between me and all my siblings, of Bruce Dickinson saying, 'Scream for me, Long Beach!' When we saw them Saturday night, Bruce Dickinson was going, 'Scream for me, Los Angeles!' Me and [my sister] just looked at each other like, 'Oh my god. he's saying the thing that we watched!' Total fanboy thing. It was fucking awesome."

Listen to the podcast episode in full below.