5 badass rising artists you need to know now: February 2024 | Revolver

5 badass rising artists you need to know now: February 2024

From "hardbody mosh" hardcore to blazing industrial metal
Big Boy live 2023 1600x900, Oscar Rodriguez
Big Boy
photograph by Oscar Rodriguez

Here at Revolver, we pride ourselves in living on the cutting edge of heavy music, from metal and hardcore to industrial and hip-hop, and we try to keep you on the front line, too, by giving you a deep look at the innovative noisemakers poised to shape the sound and the scene.

To that end, we've rounded up a handful of musicians who, we think, are on the rise across several different genres — from "hardbody mosh" hardcore to blazing industrial metal.

Bonginator press uncropped


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WHY YOU SHOULD CARE Concept albums about alien weed farmers. Songs titled "420lb Poop" and "Ritualistic Marijuana-Related Anal Defilement." Synthwave intros where the cinematic voice-over guy asks, "What the fuck is up, bitch?" Welcome to Bonginator's world.

Yet, for as unabashedly silly as the Massachusetts band are on the surface, their ganja-grinding death-metal packs a helluva punch. Their 2023 debut album is a bit of a sleeper hit, and the band just smoked the stage every night on a big-ass tour with Escuela Grind.

QUOTE "I love making people laugh, and I think I'm much better at doing that than trying to be some scary death-metal dude," says vocalist-guitarist Erik Thorstenn. "A lot of older death-metal fans hate it. They see a band like us getting some success as a 'joke band' and think we don't deserve it, like our fans only care about us for the gimmick.

"What I think people gotta understand is there's a big difference between funny music and funny lyrics, 'cause once you get past the silliness you'll find some hard-ass death-metal riffs."

Purest form press 2024 UNCROPPED , Kris Kirk
Purest Form
photograph by Kris Kirk

Purest Form

RIYL Nine Inch Nails, Godflesh, Harms Way

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE There're plenty of bands who attempt to rekindle the flame of the industrial metal of the early Nineties — back when Nine Inch Nails and Godflesh were releasing their best, most brutal material. However, few groups do that sound better than Purest Form.

The L.A. trio — which includes members of Fury, Choking on Ash and more — sound like their mothers played them NIN's Broken EP while they were in the womb. "Broke," their debut single, is gnashing and staticky, a pulsating power surge with EBM force and grindcore bite. Industrial metal in its, a-hem, purest form.

QUOTE AI overreach is a topic Purest Form tackle on "Broke," and vocalist Story Beeson has thoughts. "The idea of AI being used as a tool isn't that infuriating to me, it's more so the inevitability of what we as humans do with tools," she says.

"I think when we try to escape reality too much, we inherently lose our ability to navigate our internal selves as well as environment. The question isn't if AI is good or bad: Moreso, do you wish to lose yourself to it? Are you happy to be exploited?"

Big boy live late 2023 UNCROPPED , Oscar Rodriguez
Big Boy
photograph by Oscar Rodriguez

Big Boy

RIYL Sunami, Mindforce, Cold World

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE There're many bands contending for hardcore domination in 2024, but we have our money on Big Boy. Featuring members of Sunami and other Bay Area scene denizens, the group are in the midst of a considerable upswing, playing one standout set after another to increasingly feral crowds.

Their sound is a little bouncier, a little more NYHC than Sunami's, but still fits right into the modern Bay Area scene where hardbody mosh bands seem to grow on trees. Speaking of which, here's how frontman Brandon Flores defines "hardbody mosh," something he calls out from the stage at shows...

QUOTE "The act of aggressive mosh pit tactics," Flores says, "Comprised of but not limited to: swinging your arms so hard that the blood rushes at lightning speed to your fingertips resulting in numbness of limbs. Swiftly spin-kicking to the point of distorted euphoria. Using 365 percent of your bodies energy to throw yourself across the stage and into victims as far as humanly possible all while moshing to completion (M2C)."

Amnio press 2024 uncropped


RIYL The Black Dahlia Murder, At the Gates, In Flames

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE Luca Lazar cut his teeth playing in deathcore (Mantikore) and hardcore (Final Warning) bands throughout South Florida, but he always had a hankering to make melodic death metal. Amnio fulfills that goal.

Late last year, the band — then a one-man project — dropped The Entropy Within Our Hearts, a four-song slab of exceptional melodeath that quickly picked up an online buzz. Since then, Amnio have expanded to a quartet, and now they're gearing up to play their first-ever shows this spring. Hop on now while there's still room on the hype train.

QUOTE "I think melodeath is one of, if not the most, meaningful genres of metal," says Lazar. "I love all the heavy and brutal stuff but melodic music typically holds the most personal value to me and I can connect with on a more sentimental level.

"Nothing can beat the feeling of an incredibly written melodic riff or chord progression. I also love the whole aesthetic and style of Nineties melodic death metal and melodic metalcore bands — it has always resonated with me."

Demonstration of power 2024 uncropped, Ashlea Bea
Demonstration of Power
photograph by Ashlea Bea

Demonstration of Power

RIYL 100 Demons, Jesus Piece, Shattered Realm

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE Glasgow hardcore is having a moment right now, and Demonstration of Power are at the forefront. Citing influence from Japanese hardcore bands like Dyingrace and Straight Savage Style, they make music that's fabulously heavy, with hellacious vocals and riffs that are both caustic and pummeling.

Their latest single, "Five Eyes," is their gnarliest yet, with darker death-metal production and mosh parts that are just downright mean. We can't wait for what's next.

QUOTE "We couldn't have more pride in the Glasgow scene than we do at the moment," the band say of their home turf. "A lot of people putting on shows, starting bands and generally more people showing up than there has been in recent memory.

"Love to Hellbound, Nothin' but Enemies, Test of Patience and everyone putting on for Scotland on a wider scale. Hoping to continue the momentum through the rest of the year."

Last month, DOP guitarist Miles was involved in a serious car accident. A GoFundMe has been launched — please donate if you can.