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AMON AMARTH with actual goat vocals! Hear hilarious new "Heidrun" remix

Viking-metallers invited special guest to sing on ode to mythological goat character

Today (August 4th), Swedish Viking-metal lords Amon Amarth released an epic music video for their song "Heidrun," as well as four new versions of the track from last year's The Great Heathen Army album. 

One is a remix of the original "Heidrun," two are live performances of the track, and then there's "Heidrun (Goat Remix)" — in which the band literally recorded a goat bleating, chopped it up into various rhythmic patterns, and threw it over the song's instrumental. 

The premise is ludicrous of course, but the execution is fucking hysterical. It really does sound like a goat stole frontman Johann Hegg's mic and started doing his thing with it. Check out "Heidrun (Goat Remix)" above via YouTube. 

For those of you wondering why in the hell they invited a goat on this track in particular, it turns out that "Heidrun" is Amon Amarth's riotous ode to a mythological goat character who provides Viking warriors with mead.

"Heidrun is an interesting mythological character," Hegg said in a press release. "It's a goat that stands on the roof of Valhalla eating the leaf of the big tree Lärad. The milk that she gives is the honey/mead that the warriors in Valhalla drink each night."

Does this mean that Amon Amarth will be featuring a special horned guest at upcoming live shows? We can only hope.

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