Hear nu-metal true believers WE ARE PIGS' new song "Private Skool" | Revolver

Hear nu-metal true believers WE ARE PIGS' new song "Private Skool"

A pissed anthem for an unfair world
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We Are PIGS — the self-described "nu-metal revival" project spearheaded by South African–born producer, songwriter and artist Esjay Jones — are back with a new single, the biting "Private Skool," written by Jones and guitarist Christian Rivera. Blast it below via its high-octane music video.

In other We Are PIGS news, the band's cover of Slipknot's "Duality" recently passed one millions streams on Spotify. The group's other notable songs include collabs with Korn's Brian "Head" Welch and Kittie's Morgan Lander ("KIDS" and "MOOT," respectively).

"'Private Skool' is intended to be chaotic to disrupt our thoughts and get us questioning roles and places in society," Jones tells Revolver of the new song. "I was having a conversation with a friend about nepotism and It got me thinking: Why are some people born into great poverty when others are born into great riches? Why do some people seem to have life so easy, while others have it so hard and endure great suffering? Is it fate? Are our lives pre-destined? Is it god? If there is a god, then how does he 'choose' and how could he be so cruel? Is there some kind of universal order that we are not aware of?"

She concludes: "It seems that the powers that be have weaved an unfair loom and the playing field is not equal."