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AMY LEE picks favorite EVANESCENCE songs to play live

"Bring Me to Life" is not one of them
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Evanescence's discography consists of four studio albums and one orchestral remix record, Synthesis. It's not a ton of material, but the alt-metal band still have several generations' worth of music to cull from when they're assembling their live setlists, which always include songs from all their eras.

Fans love hearing the band run through their hits and deep cuts alike, but what are frontwoman Amy Lee's favorite songs to play live?

When we catch up with Lee, Evanescence has just wrapped their final tour of 2023, so the answer to that question is fresh on the singer's mind.

"I really love our set right now — it's going to be sad to have to change it," Lee says.

"I love 'Broken Pieces Shine.' That's what we opened the set with, kind of for a reason. I envisioned it as being the show opener when we wrote it. Like, this is how it begins.

"What else do I look forward to? 'The End of the Dream.' The way that we've turned that into this hybrid version between the Synthesis beginning and the self-titled rest of it is really beautiful, and lets me go in free time. It's just a really strange, beautiful moment in the middle of the show to break it down like that.

"I enjoy it all. I have gotten to a place where I really love playing live. You can always burn yourself out and it's time for a break. But I left tour kind of like, 'Ah, let's do that one more time.'"