CLOWN on SLIPKNOT's future: "I can promise you we won't tour like we used to" | Revolver

CLOWN on SLIPKNOT's future: "I can promise you we won't tour like we used to"

Percussionist considering residencies where they'd play "every album in its entirety"
slipknot clown AZU 2022, Azu Rodriguez
photograph by Azu Rodriguez

Clown thinks Slipknot's days as a hard-touring unit are coming to a close. In a new interview with Kerrang!, the founding percussionist hinted that the Iowa Nine aren't planning to carry out traditional touring schedules for much longer. As the band get older, Clown doesn't think they'll "be able to keep up" with the rigors of such a lifestyle.

Instead, he's pondering the idea of artist residencies where Slipknot will play multiple shows in one city over the course of a week or weekend. In fact, he's toying with the idea of residency where Slipknot would play all seven of their albums across seven nights. 

"The only god we've ever known is to get on the road, play our music and tour," Clown said. "I always wanted that salvation in my day. Growing up in an alcoholic family, music was the gift that helped me get out.

"But I can promise you that we won't tour like we used to, because if we keep pushing like we used to, I don't think we'll be able to keep up."

When the interviewer asked Clown to clarify what Slipknot's touring future would look like, this is how he responded.

"I can see smaller venues, with more dates," Clown said. "Wouldn't it be great if we had seven days in New York City or London or anywhere, at a reasonably sized venue, and played every album in its entirety — with intros, outfits, production and everything from that time period?

"That could be cool. There are some songs we've never played live. Places we've never been. That's unacceptable!"