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Former Ghost Member Went to Therapy for 6 Months After Being Fired

Erstwhile Nameless Ghoul struggled emotionally after Tobias Forge sacked him in 2015

Linton Rubino, a former Nameless Ghoul of Ghost, revealed in an interview that he sought therapy in 2015 after being fired by band mastermind Tobias Forge. Rubino described being overwhelmed by the realization that despite having been in a famous touring band, the general public still had no idea who he was upon his exit from the group led by Forge. 

"We were up there playing with Metallica and Iron Maiden and everything and they know who we are, all the people backstage know who we are, but nobody else," Rubino revealed during an interview with Dr. Music

Rubino described the reality of losing his spot, "I didn't have a job or anything and then it was cold turkey money-wise. So I had to really restart from bottom. Every breakup takes a while, then you're back on track in a couple of months. And you just roll up your sleeves and get at it again. You don't have much of a choice."

Rubino is now the frontman for synth/industrial project Priest and operates under the stage name Mercury. The band's keyboardist is also a former member of Ghost. 

Rubino was not part of the 2017 lawsuit brought against Forge by former members who accused him of reneging on agreed profit sharing, but he did say that he was emotionally involved. The members lost their suit with a judge ordering them to pay Forge's legal bill, which totaled nearly $145,000 at the time.