Hear FUMING MOUTH's triumphant new song "The Silence Beyond Life" | Revolver

Hear FUMING MOUTH's triumphant new song "The Silence Beyond Life"

From Massachusetts death-metal unit's new album 'Last Day of Sun'

Fuming Mouth are making their grand ascent. In 2019, the Massachusetts hardcore-influenced death-metal band released their ferocious debut, The Grand Descent, on Triple B Records, earning them much praise for their brutally heavy sound. 

In the time since that record, vocalist-guitarist Mark Whelan battled and then beat a nasty bout of Leukemia, and after a much-needed rest from the band, Fuming Mouth are returning later this fall with a new album called Last Day of Sun

It's coming via their new label home Nuclear Blast, and today (September 8th), they're previewing it with a triumphant new song called "The Silence Beyond Life." 

The track is the first Fuming Mouth song to utilize clean vocals during its chorus, but this ain't no namby-pamby sing-song. It's a vaulting, horns-up holler that perfectly suits the jagged death-metal guitars and doomy dirge that rounds out the rest of the track.

Listen while you watch its video above via YouTube. 

Last Day of Sun is out November 3rd via Nuclear Blast, and it's available for pre-order here.