Hear KOYO's anthemic new song "Life's a Pill" | Revolver

Hear KOYO's anthemic new song "Life's a Pill"

Another big one from Long Island's melodic hardcore torch-bearers

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Long Island melodic hardcore upstarts Koyo have dropped another song from their new album, Would You Miss It? The last one was a bona fide anthem that boasted vocals from Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo, and this one, titled "Life's a Pill," sees Koyo hitting their sweet spot all on their own. 

With sweat-inducing, yelly verses and a big-ass chorus that tips its cap to Koyo's Long Island predecessors in The Movielife and Taking Back Sunday, "Life's a Pill" is exactly the kind of song that's made Koyo one of the fastest-rising bands in all of hardcore. 

Listen while you watch its music video above via YouTube. 

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