Hear Kvelertak Drummer's New Band Tempel Rock Hard on Riffy Banger "Afterlife" | Revolver

Hear Kvelertak Drummer's New Band Tempel Rock Hard on Riffy Banger "Afterlife"

Kjetil Gjermundrød joins brothers and childhood friend in blisteringly fun new group
tempel PRESS 2019, Raisa Krogerus
Tempel, 2019
photograph by Raisa Krogerus

Kvelertak's music is known for its hard-partying vibe as well as its heavy-hitting riffs that keep heads banging, so it should come as no surprise that their drummer Kjetil Gjermundrød's new group Tempel shares those same qualities. Formed alongside his brothers Inge (vocals, bass) and Espen (guitar) as well as their childhood friend Andreas Espolin Johnson (guitar), the quartet are set to release their eponymous debut March 22nd — you can pre-order it here

Ahead of that, listeners can hear the exciting single "Afterlife" exclusively here today. Opening with stoner-influenced licks before hulking chords enter to darken things up, the song rocks and sways with the a blackened layer of sneering aggression while maintaining an air of triumph and fun. 

"On this new track, Kjetil brought the riffs which he then ran through the Tempel machine and out came 'Afterlife,'" the bandmates explain of the song. "Live in the moment, because there is no afterlife. Or is there? The message is that nothing but what you have created for others to enjoy lives on after your death."

The cut is exemplifies the group's greater vision. "Tempel mixes a wider range of genres and sounds than Kvelertak," Gjermundrød says of the band. "We are softer yet harder. And maybe a bit more progressive at times. You also get thrash metal and even some doom." The drummer continues, "It's very inspiring to mix completely different things. Nothing is impossible ... we're eager to explore new paths and directions."