Hear MAGGIE LINDEMANN channel EVANESCENCE on new song "hostage" | Revolver

Hear MAGGIE LINDEMANN channel EVANESCENCE on new song "hostage"

"A plea for solace amidst my own mental chaos"

Maggie Lindemann has kicked off the new year with a new single and video, "hostage," that hints at a possible swerve from pop-punk into Evanescence-style nu-metal. Her first music since 2022's Suckerpunch album, the song has all the anthemic belting, crunching guitars and electronic flourishes of an Amy Lee classic.

"hostage" arrived today along with a moody, gothic music video directed by Vixxion, who previously helmed Lindemann's "Cages" clip. Watch and listen above.

"'hostage,' for me, is like peering through a window into my own mind," Lindemann commented of the single. "It's about being caught in this strange limbo where everything around me, externally, is going well, but inside, there's a relentless storm. The song is a cry for that person who can calm the turmoil inside me, a plea for solace amidst my own mental chaos. It's raw and real — it's a journey so many of us silently go through."

Speaking on the video, she described it as "a visual echo of my inner turmoil. Waking up in this empty, enigmatic house, I'm lost in a loop of my own nightmares. It's a journey of frustration and isolation as I find myself trapped, trying to reach out to a world that just doesn't respond. The video mirrors the song's themes of feeling captive within your own mind, yearning for an escape. That Rapunzel moment? It's a surreal, haunting representation of longing for a freedom that feels just out of reach."