Hear Thoughtcrimes Channel Dillinger on Chaotic New "Keyhole Romance" | Revolver

Hear Thoughtcrimes Channel Dillinger on Chaotic New "Keyhole Romance"

Accompanying video is an equally unnerving neon visual feast

Revolver has teamed with Thoughtcrimes for an exclusive vinyl colorway of their debut LP, Altered Pasts. Only 150 made — order yours before they're gone!

Formerly of the Dillinger Escape Plan, drummer and guitarist Billy Rymer has notably dragged the chaos-laden noise machinations of his former band with him into his current outfit thoughtcrimes. The aggressive energy, in-your-face delivery and commitment to shifting dynamics are certainly reminiscent of TDEP, but with a decidedly updated take on the mathcore formula.

Today (July 20th), they unleashed the latest single, "Keyhole Romance," off the group's upcoming debut full-length, Altered Pasts. The track — a nearly four-minute exploration of eardrum-razoring screeches, melodically sung passages and brief interludes of peaceful string instrumentation — is "possibly the most ambitious track we've ever made," according to Rymer.

"We wanted to see how far we could push ourselves utilizing dynamics and pure chaos to cohesively create something disgusting yet beautiful," he said. "A concept that led to the treatment of the music video with the high energy performance segments contrasting with the bright colors and gracefulness of the actress."

Guitarist Brian Sullivan added, "Altered Pasts was shaped by the world around us and within us at the same time. This album is both a reflection and synthesis of our cognitive, emotional, and spiritual processes, as well as a catharsis."

The 11-song album is set for release on August 26th via Pure Noise Records.