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Hear TURNSTILE's surprise EP with jazz band BADBADNOTGOOD

Hardcore heroes team with Toronto group for 'Glow On' remixes

Turnstile are a hardcore band who've never been afraid to step outside the bounds of punk. Their early material always had a healthy dose of Rage Against the Machine bounce and 311 melody in it, Diplo featured on their 2018 breakthrough, Time & Space, and in 2020 they teamed with Australian house producer Mall Grab for a hard-knocking remix EP.

Suffice to say, it isn't particularly surprising to learn that Turnstile have collaborated with Toronto alt-jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD for another new remix EP, New Heart Designs. This one spins three songs on their 2021 smash, Glow On, into warm, funky new forms that still manage to feel quintessentially Turnstile.

There's a groovy reinvention of "Underwater Boi," a dubby lounge interpretation of "Alien Love Call" (which already featured R&B futurist Blood Orange), and a beautiful jazz version of "Mystery," replete with swirling woodwinds and dripping analog keyes.

BADBADNOTGOOD are best known for their collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, the Creator, Daniel Caesar and many other high-profile rappers and singers. Apparently, Turnstile are at that level now, which is awesome.

Check out the songs and their accompanying video above via YouTube.