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SLIPKNOT's COREY TAYLOR on TOOL's live show: "I get bored"

"And I hate to say that"
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Corey Taylor isn't a huge fan of TOOL's live shows. In a new interview on on the Steve-O's Wild Ride podcast, the Jackass star asked the Slipknot frontman to pick his favorite live band of all time, and he ended up going with Alice In Chains.

"The way that they lock in together is fucking unreal. They're so good that it's criminal," Taylor enthused.

In response, Steve-O revealed that his favorite live band is TOOL, and Taylor expressed mixed opinions on seeing the prog-metal giants perform. Not because he doesn't appreciate and respect what they do musically, but because their onstage presentation doesn't quite appeal to his more riotous, punk-informed sensibilities.

"TOOL, to me, is an acquired taste [to watch live] because they're so dialed that it's almost like listening to the album," Taylor explained. "And as a punk kid growing up, that's not necessarily where I'm at.

"They're amazing at what they do, but when I go to a show, I want to see something as well. And because they're not as demonstrably active, I get bored.

"And I hate to say that. It's not because they're boring. It's because I'm myself bored because I'm so used to shit like Napalm Death where Barney [Greenway]'s walking up walls and fucking jumping on people's heads.

"But what [TOOL] do is so... I mean, Danny Carey's one of the greatest fucking drummers of all time. The way they mesh together as a band is so effortless. They take you there. And they'll extrapolate stuff for minutes upon minutes, they're just pulling you in. It's crazy.

"Maybe I should go and see them now. As I'm older I would probably appreciate it more than when I was younger."

Check out the full podcast episode below.