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INCUBUS announce re-recorded version of 'Morning View'

Brandon Boyd and Co. gave 2001 album fresh coat of paint
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Incubus' Brandon Boyd
photograph by Javier Bragado/WireImage

Incubus are taking a queue from Taylor Swift and have entirely re-recorded their 2001 album, Morning View. The album was the record where Brandon Boyd and Co. shed almost all of their nu-metal roots to embrace a much sunnier alt-rock sound, as heard on huge singles like "Wish You Were Here" and "Nice to Know You." 

Now, Incubus have decided to give Morning Again a fresh coat of paint. The band have signed to Virgin Music to release Morning View XXIII, which features entirely re-recorded versions of every song on the album. 

To mark the occasion, Incubus will be playing the album in its entirety — along with other standouts from their discography — at their October 6th show at the Hollywood Bowl. Tickets are available here

"We are excited to partner up with Virgin to release Morning View XXIII," Boyd said in a press release. "And we can't wait to perform it live for the fans at The Hollywood Bowl. Morning View XXIII will give our fans a fresh new take on the songs and we look forward to sharing it with everyone when it drops on Oct 6th!"