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IN THIS MOMENT's MARIA BRINK picks 3 biggest vocal heroes

"They feel like the soundtrack to my life"
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In This Moment
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Throughout In This Moment's eight-album discography, singer Maria Brink has forged a vocal presence that's entirely her own.

There's no mistaking the genre-fluid frontwoman for anyone else when you hear her on a track, and it turns out that her foremost vocal heroes are similarly singular on the mic.

For Revolver's Winter 2023 Issue, we collected fans' questions and posed them to Brink, and In This Moment die-hard Jessie Avondale asked her to reveal her top three vocal inspirations.

Brink had no trouble selecting her all-time faves, and there's one in particular who she'd give anything to work with on a future project.

"I'd say Chino [Moreno] from the Deftones, Maynard [James Keenan] from TOOL and A Perfect Circle — and all his other projects, too — and Trent Reznor," Brink enthused.

"If I could work with anyone, and write music and bring it to life with them, it would probably be Trent Reznor. I have so much respect for him on so many different levels. He recently did an album with Halsey, and I was just so envious of her," she noted with a laugh.

"Though I'd also be intimidated to do it, because when you hold somebody on such a high pedestal, you don't want 'em to ruin it for you, right?

"Just through all my life of listening to music, all the different types of music, all the singers and all the things, those are just the three that always resonated the most deeply with me. I love their side projects that they do.

"I love all the things that they bring to life. They really just connect within me, and they feel like the soundtrack to my life."