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See 3Teeth Enter Neon-Noir, Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare in "American Landfill" Video

L.A. industrialists pair with 'X-Men' visual effects artist Matthew Charles Santoro for stunning clip

Following the release of their crushing new track "American Landfill" just over a week ago, Los Angeles industrial band 3Teeth have now unveiled a music video for the song that comes as a collaboration with renowned visual effects artist Matthew Charles Santoro, a longtime friend of singer Alexis Mincolla

The short, which debuted on Consequence of Sound earlier today (April 15th), is a neon-noir, cyber-futuristic look inside the driven creative minds in 3Teeth. Sleek shots wrought with anxious dread and stylish effects pair perfectly with the hostile aggression of the track, melding to create a terror-inducing but deliciously hypnotic visual feast. With the central theme focused on the oppressive Orwellian-esque authoritarian presence that constantly bombards humanity with information and surveillance, the band attempted to make a visual that expressed their social views but harbored aesthetics that evoked a certain nostalgia for them. 

"We wanted to make an homage to the Nineties action movies we grew up on," Mincolla explained to CoS, "but we also wanted to make an allegory that touched on today's concepts of surveillance, cyberspace, and exploring the relationship between reality and simulation." He goes on to explain the symbolism of the landfill as "a giant sentient data dump who's algorithmic understanding is just trapping you in the echo chamber of your very own inescapable memetic concentration camp."

See "American Landfill" in full below, and pick up the group's next album Metawar when it's out July 5th via Red Music.