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See Vowws' Sexy New Video for "Structure of Love II" With Deftones' Chino Moreno

Reimagined song featuring Deftones singer gets stunning visual ahead of Euro tour

Los Angeles–based goth-pop duo Vowws have had a remarkably good year, with Deftones' frontman Chino Moreno firmly positioning himself as their champion. The singer booked them for his band's inaugural Dia De Los Deftones music festival last year and more recently lent his inimitable voice to the group's restructured song "Structure of Love II," adding a distinguished touch of longing to a composition already steeped in languorous desire.

Now, to accompany that gorgeous track, comes an equally stunning visual, shot and edited by the band themselves (as is their usual practice). Ranging from found footage of collapsing buildings and atomic bombs to smoky dalliances that hint at sensuous scandal, the imagery recalls the aesthetic of 1990s MTV late-night videos while offering a fresh take on self-produced, lo-fi cinema.

The video's inescapable coolness is tempered by suburban scenes of destitution; love and misery crash head on in a visual hodgepodge that speaks to the subconscious fears that plague even our most exalted moments as human, a dichotomy echoed in the dreamy, eerie sounds heard in the song. Scenes quicken and shift at a more rapid pace by the clip's end, coalescing in a blurry, fuzzed-out show of dancing lights in the dark as the song drops bit by bit to end on a sustained unsettling tone. 

Vowws are currently on tour in support of Cold Cave through March, and once that run wraps up, the twosome will embark on a European tour in May. See below for dates. 

Vowws European tour dates:
5/15 - Belgium, Brussels - Madame Moustache
5/17 - Netherlands, Breda - Onderstroom
5/18 -  Germany, Lohr am Main -  Umsonst & Drinnen Festival
5/21 - France, Angers - Joker's Pu
5/24 - Spain, Vigo - Radar Estudios
5/25 - Spain, Madrid - Trashcan
5/29 - Scotland, Glasgow - Broadcast
5/30 - UK, London - The Dev (Camden)
5/31 - UK, Chelmsford -  Supersonic
6/1 - France, Paris - Supersonic
6/2 - France, Chambery - Brin De Zinc
6/4 - Italy, Milano - Rocket
6/5 - Italy, Recanati - Reasonanz
6/7 - Czech Republic, Prague - Kasarna Karlin​​​​​​​
6/8 - Germany, Berlin - Urban Spree  
6/9 - Germany, Leipzig - Wave Gotik Treffen​​​​​​​