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COREY TAYLOR picks SLIPKNOT's most overrated and underrated songs

He doesn't mince words
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Throughout his time in Slipknot, Corey Taylor has sang on eight albums worth of material, well over 100 songs. Within that catalog, there're plenty of classic hits and fan favorites that he and his bandmates are basically obligated to perform at every show, and a helluva lot of other cuts that don't get the same amount of shine, for whatever reason.

For an upcoming Revolver print feature, we collected fans' questions and posed them to Taylor, and die-hard Cal Panko asked the frontman to share his personal picks for the most overrated and underrated Slipknot songs. As is his way, Taylor didn't hold back — check out his selections and brutally honest commentary below.

Overrated: "Wait and Bleed"

I'm very much on the record saying that "Wait and Bleed" is a pain in my fucking ass. I've been singing it for 26 years and it hasn't gotten easier, folks! [Laughs]

But I still sing it with Slipknot and with my solo project, which tells you how much of a psycho I am, because I know people love that song. So, you gotta do it — and listen, it's a good problem to have.

Underrated: "Danger — Keep Away"

To me, the most underrated Slipknot song is "Danger — Keep Away." I love both versions, the one that's on the album [Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)] and the uncut version that eventually came out. There's some beautiful parts to that song.