Corrupt Love Across America: On the Road With Deafheaven, Pt. 2

In the second and final installment of "Corrupt Love Across America," our exclusive on-the-road doc on Deafheaven, Revolver joins the genre-defying band for the last leg of their recent headlining tour, which hit the West Coast — the place they call home. As we visit the Bay Area, the band members discuss their deep, nostalgic connection to the region, and explain why they recorded their new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love there. Overall, the positivity of the tour's first leg continues, but after some hiking, river boat cruising and, yes, more backstage dancing, all good things do come to an end (at least until the band's imminent next tour). It all culminates in a massive show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, a stage adorned in sunflowers, and an intense, passionate and beautiful full live performance of "Honeycomb."

August 30, 2018