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Dave Lombardo Picks Slayer Song for 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack

"In the 80s we thought we were in World War III — it captures that feeling"
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Dave Lombardo

Stranger Things and metal go hand-in-hand these days. Ever since Metallica's "Master of Puppets" was featured in season four of the wildly popular Netflix show, which takes place in the 80s, the thrash masterpiece has experienced an unexpected renaissance. What's more, Stranger Things fans got so into 80s-style metal that they even made Ghost into a TikTok sensation, with one user picking their 2019 song "Mary on a Cross" to soundtrack a viral fan compilation of Stranger Things scenes and inadvertently making the occult-rock heroes into Gen-Z's new favorite band. 

In a new fan Q&A with Metal Hammer, someone asked former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo (now of Dead Cross, Testament, Mr. Bungle, etc.) to pick one song he's played on that would hypothetically feature in the last season of Stranger Things

To his credit, Lombardo answered honestly and admitted he's never watched the show before, but he does understand how connected it is to the 80s, so he went ahead and picked a track off of Slayer's 1984 EP, Haunting the Chapel

"I haven't watched Stranger Things," Lombardo said with a laugh. "It's an 80s retro thing, right? So I guess I go for something I recorded in the 80s… 'Chemical Warfare.' It's a heavy song, it's very 80s, it's nostalgic and it's got a certain vibe to it. In the 80s we thought we were in World War III. It captures that feeling."

Give "Chemical Warfare" a listen below and try to imagine the kids from Stranger Things jamming out to it. Sounds cool to us.