SLIPKNOT invade survival-horror game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT as playable skins | Revolver

SLIPKNOT invade survival-horror game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT as playable skins

Based on the band's iconic masks and stagewear

We already thought Slipknot's masks were pretty killer, but a new partnership with the Dead by Daylight video game franchise is making things official. You can now play the serial-killer-themed survival game while wearing skins based on the iconic Iowan metal group's scary stagewear.

While initially teased back in 2023, Behaviour Interactive officially revealed the crossover in a new trailer this morning (March 26th). Fittingly scored by Slipknot's "The Dying Song," the quick clip shows off the game's knife-swingin' custom Cosmetics for The Trapper, The Deathslinger, The Clown, The Doctor, The Hillbilly, The Wraith, The Blight and The Legion, which are all based on the most recent Slipknot looks.

You can see the full murderer's row of Slipknot masks — mounted on pikes, even — in the trailer up above.

Dead by Daylight is described by game-makers as "a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer, and the other four play as Survivors." In other words, the one who kills the least loses the game… at least if they're drafted into the role of the murderer.

"Getting to bring Slipknot's iconic masks to life in Dead by Daylight was incredibly rewarding," product manager Kirby Taylor said in a statement. "Each mask carries a striking, distinct design, so a lot of our creative explorations were focused around finding which Killer was the perfect pairing. Unsurprisingly, they felt right at home in the world of Dead by Daylight. We're excited to see what Outfit combinations players will come up with since most of these can be mixed with existing and future Cosmetics."

There's no reason to wait and bleed. You can find out more about the brutal Slipknot Dead by Daylight collection over here.

Earlier this year, Dead by Daylight unveiled a similar skin pack based on Iron Maiden's Eddie. As for Slipknot's gaming presence, they last appeared as playable characters in mythical mobile battle game SMITE in 2022.