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TRIVIUM's Matt Heafy composing 'DEATHGASM 2' soundtrack

Highly-anticipated follow-up to 2015 heavy-metal horror-comedy
deathgasm still
An iconic still from 'Deathgasm,' 2015

Last year, we were beyond stoked to learn that there's a sequel in the works for the 2015 heavy-metal horror comedy Deathgasm. Now, we're even more excited because Trivium main man Matt Heafy will be composing its soundtrack! 

Dubbed Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon, the sequel to the New Zealand splatstick cult classic will see Deathgasm's hero Brodie turn to black magic, as he did in the original, to raise his former bandmates from the dead so he can win battle of the bands — as well as the heart of his ex-girlfriend Medina.

The first Deathgasm soundtrack featured music by Emperor, Midnight Axeslasher, Bulletbelt and more, and returning director Jason Howden — who also helmed Guns Akimbo, starring Daniel Radcliffe and featuring 3TEETH on the soundtrack — is confident that Heafy is the right guy for Goremageddon's score.

"Matt is not only a metal savant but also a genuine horror enthusiast," Howdwn said in a press release. "His ability to capture the various needs of the film and bring it to life via the score is something I believe will blow audiences out of their seats."

"I have wanted to score Deathgasm since seeing the first film," Heafy added. "I truly believe I can execute his exact vision for the music for this film. I also already hear the soundtrack in my head.

"I know we will need vastly varying styles of metal, as well as some orchestral/industrial soundtrack style pieces, and more. It's going to be a blast!"

The movie's team are currently raising funds for Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon on Kickstarter, where backers can get a limited-edition red vinyl variant of the film's soundtrack. Chip in and get more info about the film here.