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20 most anticipated albums of fall 2023

From Code Orange to Corey Taylor
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Code Orange, 2023
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We've already been gifted a boatload of great albums in 2023, but the year is far from over. Throughout the next few months, we'll be banging our heads to new releases from industrial-metal renegades and Iowan rock stars. Electronic-rock vibe curators and genre-bouncing juggernauts. Death-metal brutalists and hardcore pit-starters.

There's a lot to look forward to, and below are our most anticipated albums (announced so far) of the oncoming autumnal months.


Title: EndEx
Release Date: September 22nd
It's been four years since industrial-metal insurgents 3TEETH dropped their last album, Metawar, and mastermind Alexis Mincolla has spent much of that time out in the desert, getting an "off-world perspective" on our apocalyptic age.

No surprise then that EndEx promises to be the band's weirdest, most expansive offering yet — just listen to the range between gnashing single "Slum Planet" and shoegazing electro power ballad "Drift."

The Armed

Title: Perfect Saviors
Release Date: August 25th
On their 2021 breakthrough, ULTRAPOP, the Armed uncoupled from their skronky hardcore roots and made the brightest, shiniest noise-punk record possible.

Their mission statement for Perfect Saviors? Go even shinier!

Lead singles "Sport of Form," "Everything's Glitter" and "Liar 2" are the catchiest tunes the Detroit pranksters have ever assembled, with choruses that could fill arenas and blindingly iridescent riffs that sound like what it feels like to stare into the sun. So yes, they're still as overwhelmingly intense as ever, just in a different way. 


Title: Stone
Release Date: September 15th
After five albums all named for colors, Baroness are breaking the trend with Stone. But the sludge-prog trailblazers aren't just pushing boundaries thematically; they're also pushing their sound into experimental new corners. Single "Beneath the Rose," for instance, features weird, Jesus Lizard-esque spoken-word vocals unlike anything they've released before.

Baroness is "all about the willingness to take risks," frontman John Baizley has said of Stone. "I think this record is a good reflection of that."


Title: The Surface
Release Date: October 13th
After scratching and clawing their way to the top of modern metalcore, Beartooth are taking another swipe at the crown with their fifth studio album, The Surface.

Compared to the oppressively downtrodden vibes of 2021's pandemic-born Below, singles like "Sunshine!" and "Might Love Myself" focus on themes of joy and self-love — things that Caleb Shomo is only now approaching for the first time in Beartooth's history.

We're very curious to hear what a happy Beartooth album will sound like.

Bring Me the Horizon

Title: Post Human: Next Gen
Release Date: September 15th
Bring Me the Horizon are going Post Human once again. The U.K. metalcore futurists are have been dribbling out singles since 2021: "sTraNgeRs," "Die4U," "Lost" and "AmEN!," which featured Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo and LIl Uzi Vert!

Next Gen is the follow-up to 2020's Survival Horror, and going by the sonic variety in that smattering of songs — from post-hardcore to hyperpop-infused emo — we're prepared for another eclectic ride from the Bring Me boys.

Cannibal Corpse

Title: Chaos Horrific
Release Date: September 22nd
Call Cannibal Corpse "ol' reliable" because the brutality never, ever relents. The Florida stalwarts are about to drop their 16th(!) studio album, and the singles "Summoned for Sacrifice" and "Blood Blind" are as monstrously heavy as anything they've ever released. Cannibal Corpse don't need to reinvent the wheel for brutal death metal on Chaos Horrific. They are the damn wheel. 

Code Orange

Title: The Above
Release Date: September 29th
Every Code Orange album is a statement. An exorcism of their inner demons, a commentary on society, and a reminder that they're one of the most forward-thinking bands in not just hardcore, but all of heavy music.

Their 2020 LP, Underneath, was claustrophobic, glitchy and unrelenting, but what we've heard from The Above is the opposite. "Take Shape," featuring Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, is a muscular grunge anthem, while "The Game" and "Grooming My Replacement" are skull-cracking metallic-hardcore bangers that call back to 2017's Forever.

Corey Taylor

Title: CMF2
Release Date: September 15th
Because two successful bands, multiple best-selling books, a horror media brand and whatever else the dude is working on just aren't enough, Corey Motherfucking Taylor is prepping his second solo album.

For all the Maggots who felt the Slipknot frontman's first LP under his own name, 2020's CMFT, was too scattered and not heavy enough, its sequel packs a tighter, more cohesive, harder-rocking sound. "CMFT was where I came from," Taylor has said. "CMF2 is where I'm going."

††† (Crosses)

Title: Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete.
Release Date: October 13th
When we learned that ††† (Crosses) — the electronic-rock duo comprised of Deftones' Chino Moreno and Far's Shaun Lopez — were prepping their first album in nearly a decade, we here at Revolver HQ thought we couldn't be more stoked.

Then we heard lead single "Invisible Hand," a noisy and concussive yet soaring and sweet ode full of yearning and tension. Then we found out that the album features El-P of Run the Jewels and motherfucking Robert Smith of the Cure.

Stoked is an understatement.


Title: Deathalbum IV
Release Date: August 22nd
Earlier this year Dethklok die-hards lost their collective minds when the release dates were finally announced for the new Metalocalypse movie, plus the long-awaited Dethalbum IV, the cartoon death-metal juggernaut's first LP in 11 years.

Lead single "Aortic Desecration" crushes, but it's just a taste of the metal mayhem — and hilarity — in store. The song titles tell you a lot: "Gardener of Vengeance," "Poisoned by Food," "I Am the Beast" and, yes!, "Murmaider III." Brutal.

Dying Fetus

Title: Make Them Beg for Death
Release Date: September 8th
Dying Fetus don't miss, and fans have been hungry for a new death-metal feast since the Maryland brutalist's 2017 LP, Wrong One to Fuck With.

This year's Make Them Beg for Death promises to once again blend the violent groove of slam with the frantic edge of tech-death, as heard on devastatingly heavy singles like "Feast of Ashes" and "Throw Them in the Van." The voices inside your head thank you in advance. 

Dying Wish

Title: Symptoms of Survival
Release Date: November 3rd
In the time since 2021's Fragments of a Bitter Memory, Dying Wish have toured their asses off and inducted thousands of new fans into their church of bone-crushing metalcore.

Symptoms of Survival is their next sermon, and we'll be in attendance — smashing pews and screaming the words to cuts like blistering lead single "Watch My Promise Die." Between their classic metalcore riffing and the gripping, good-cop/bad-cop vocals from frontperson Emma Boster, Dying Wish have a sound we can't get enough of.

Harm's Way

Title: Common Suffering
Release Date: September 29th
If you only know Harm's Way from that "Running Man" meme, now's the perfect time to get to know their music. The Chicago demolition crew specialize in a particularly bone-grinding brand of industrialized hardcore as informed by Godflesh as it is by the Cro-Mags. True to form, Common Suffering will crack skulls, but the album also boasts a few new tricks — including a doomy, atmospheric swerve, "Undertow," featuring King Woman's Kristina Esfandiari.

In This Moment

Release Date: October 27th
In This Moment have come a long way since their metalcore days. Now, a theatrical industrial-rock juggernaut with masked backup dancers and songs on the soundtracks of major Hollywood action movies, Maria Brink and Co. have earned the right to call their new album GODMODE, all caps.

ITM's last LP, 2020's Mother, dropped amid the pandemic and was somewhat swallowed up in that madness; GODMODE, complete with a guest turn by Ice Nine Kill's Spencer Charnas, has the makings of a blockbuster.

Orbit Culture

Title: Descent
Release Date: August 18th
Much like their French heroes in Gojira, Sweden's Orbit Culture seemingly burst out of nowhere when they exploded on the international scene with 2020's Nija, but had in fact been grinding away on their local scene for many years previous. Since then, the groove-metal upstarts' stature has only grown — on the backs of 2021's Shaman EP and high-profile tours with In Flames and others.

Can they get as big as Gojira? Descent could be the next step in that direction.

Pain of Truth

Title: Not Through Blood
Release Date: September 8th
Pain of Truth's debut LP is a full-scene affair. Vocalists from Madball, Trapped Under Ice, Terror and many other hardcore heavyweights guest on the devastatingly heavy Not Through Blood, which already sounds like the toughest hardcore album of the year just based on the two singles, "Actin' Up" and "Under My Skin."

These Long Island bruisers are already infamous for inciting some of the most violent pits in hardcore, so we can't even imagine the damage that will be done when Not Through Blood drops this fall.


Title: Zig
Release Date: October 27th
Poppy's trajectory has been as fascinating as it's been unpredictable. Since her powerhouse 2020 pop-metal offering, I Disagree, the post-genre auteur has snaked between brash metalcore, candied grunge-punk and industrial dance-pop. What's next?

Zig singles "Church Outfit" and "Knockoff" are as hook-laden and clubby as a Charli XCX song, but the vibes are haunted and sinister, with mechanized shrieks crashing the party on the former, and foreboding bass seeping into the latter. Wherever Poppy zigs, we follow.


Title: Confessions of the Fallen
Release Date: September 15th
Staind haven't released a new studio album in over a decade — 10 years during which frontman Aaron Lewis has polarized the band's audience with his MAGA politics. Much less polarizing is the sound of the group's comeback record, Confessions of the Fallen, which delivers all the downtuned riffage, angsty balladry and even occasional guttural roars that earned the band so many fans in the late Nineties and early Aughts.

Those fans clearly like what they've heard so far, propelling lead single "Lowest in Me" to the top of the Active Rock chart.


Title: War of Being
Release Date: September 15th 
"Djent is not a genre," Periphery joked earlier this year, but if it were, TesseracT would sit at its cutting edge. Across their previous four albums, the U.K. mad scientists have gotten bigger and bolder in their vision.

To that end, LP No. 5 is their most ambitious offering yet, a full-fledged concept record spinning a dark tale of "The Strangeland." Judging by the title track and lead single — a head-spinning 11-minute prog suite — listeners are in for a truly wild ride.


Title: Venom
Release Date: October 27th
Wargasm have been embraced by OGs of the nu-metal scene — namely, Korn's Jonathan Davis and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, who have both sung their praises and, in the latter case, taken them out on tour multiple times. But the U.K. coed duo don't consider themselves nu-metal; they prefer the descriptor "electro punk," which rings true to the riotous, party-at-the-end-of-the-world sound of their new album, Venom.

That said, Durst guests on standout cut "Bang Ya Head," and one high-volume listen might just make you wanna break stuff.