DEMI LOVATO: I want to collaborate with COREY TAYLOR and KNOCKED LOOSE | Revolver

DEMI LOVATO: I want to collaborate with COREY TAYLOR and KNOCKED LOOSE

"It's something that's on my wish list"
Demo Lovato / Corey Taylor

Pop star Demi Lovato recently revealed she'd like to collaborate with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and metallic hardcore stars Knocked Loose. Lovato shared those wishes on Jose Mangin's Metal Ambassador Podcast, where she also talked about getting introduced to metal as a kid.

Lovato, who released her first rock record — Holy Fvck — last year, stepped into her first mosh pit at age 14. After crowd surfing at a Dimmu Borgir/Unearth concert, she moved onto Job for a Cowboy via their breakout cut "Entombment of a Machine."

Of the JFAC single, she noted: "It was the first song that I realized metal music, in a way, can be catchy without being a pop song because, you know, you listen for the guitar riffs, you listen for that certain part of the song, the drop and yeah. I just fell in love with it and that song is what did it for me."

Having already collaborated with artists like Nita Strauss, Yungblud and Dead Sara, Lovato claims she now has her eye on heavier artists. "Someone I've always wanted to work with is Corey Taylor and, you know, obviously working with bands like Knocked Loose would be sick, too, so I think it's something that's on my wish list but hopefully I'll have some collaborations for Revamped. We're still working that out, though."