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Hear WAYNE STATIC's riff on STATIC-X's new song "Zombie"

Xer0 takes vocal duties on latest 'Project Regeneration: Vol. 2' single

Early next year, Static-X will unveil Project Regeneration: Vol. 2, the sequel to 2020's Vol. 1, both of which contain the final recordings from the nu-metal band's late frontman-guitarist, Wayne Static (who died in 2014).

So far, the newly-reunited band — featuring three-fourths of the original lineup and new singer Xer0 — have previewed Vol. 2 with two singles featuring Static's voice; a cover of Nine Ninch Nails' "Terrible Lie" and an ominous original banger called "Stay Alive."

Today (October 5th), Static-X have dropped another fresh track called "Z0mbie," which features a riff that was penned by Static, and new vocal recordings from Xer0. 

Like all songs on Project Regeneration, the rest of the band is filled out with the Wisconsin Death Trip-era lineup — Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay. 

Check out "Z0mbie" and its bizarre, animated music video above via YouTube. 

Initially slated for release November 3rd, Project Regeneration: Vol. 2 will now arrive January 26th 2024. Pre-order here.