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Fan Poll: 5 Most Anticipated Tours of 2019

From masked mad men to prog-metal magicians — there's a lot of heavy live action on the horizon
Slipknot performing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' 2019

Straight up, it's a pretty fucking stacked year for metal, with heavy hitters like Rammstein, Slipknot, Tool, Baroness and more all delivering new records. Even better, all those listed, and many more favorites, will be hitting the road this year to destroy stages across the world with their larger-than-life performances. As we approach the prime concert-going summer season, we wanted to know which tour you were most excited to see. Check out what you picked in the ranked list below.

5. Korn / Alice in Chains

Korn and Alice in Chains might seem like a strange lineup at first, but the two bands are both iconic bearers of the Nineties rock torch — so their combined powers are sure to play to those seeking a nostalgic trip back in time, while also showcasing their respective enduring abilities to churn out stadium-sized hits.

4. Amon Amarth With Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Grand Magus

When it comes to a pure headbanging, long-haired, revelrous heavy-metal show, you can't go wrong with Swedish warriors Amon Amarth. Plus, in recent years the band has revamped their live actions to include way more theatricality (and Viking ships). They've also got exquisite taste in support acts, and have put together a pretty excellent lineup for their fall North American tour, which features Arch Enemy, At the Gates and Grand Magus. This one's gonna be fun as hell.

3. Ghost

Ghost are relative newcomers to the rock scene when compared to others on this list. But their meteoric rise to headliner status will be firmly cemented when they hit the road with the full-scale production of The Ultimate Tour Named Death later this summer and fall. Fresh off an opening spot on Metallica's European tour, Tobias Forge and his Nameless Ghouls are primed and ready to make their arena show bigger and better than ever.

2. Tool

Tool are currently out lighting up the international road and teasing audiences with brand-new tracks from their coming, currently untitled, new record (due out August 30th). With stunning performances of new songs like "Invincible" and "Descending," the prog-rock titans are giving fans the time of their lives, while also whetting appetites before they drop their first album in over a decade.

1. Slipknot's Knotfest Roadshow With Volbeat, Gojira, Behemoth

Undoubtedly, Slipknot deliver one of the most intense and exciting live shows in all of heavy metal, and for their 2019 tour supporting their forthcoming new album We Are Not Your Kind, they're going "all out" on its lineup. On their own, the Knot have a stage production involving a jungle gym of a set, all nine members bouncing around while a cycle of pyro and lights fire off. But on this summer's Knotfest Roadshow, their theatrics and brutality will be joined by the fun Elvis-metal of Volbeat, the total crush of Gojira and Behemoth's pure evil. It's no wonder why fans are excited.